The Qualities of Our Faith

The faith that fuels our contributions to Faith Sourced project has the following qualities :

  1. Gospel Faith - an unshakable conviction that Christ is the centre of all we are and all we do. His death on the cross is where we exchange our sins for his perfection. His resurrection from the grave certifies his perfection and validates that our sins have been paid for in their entirety. He is glorified as we build software to share this good news with the world.
  2. Dependent Faith - a resolve to wholeheartedly depend on God for anything of lasting value to flow from this project, as He is the source, object and hope of our Faith.
  3. Traditional Faith - a recognition that technology does not replace people. Our Faith is not in technology. God has chosen people to be agents of the Gospel. To that end, we do not propose or build solutions that reduce human agency. Our goal is to facilitate more human engagement that is better organized with greater efficiency. Our goal is not clicks, page views, or bounce rates.
  4. Edifying Faith -  a commitment to discipleship/mentorship within the community for the growth and maturity of our Faith.
  5. Encouraging Faith - an attitude to strengthening one another in our Faith, as we work, have meetings, and gather for events, meetups and conferences.
  6. Practical Faith - an opportunity to make meaningful contributions of our time and technical expertise in ways that otherwise would remain solely in the secular domain.
  7. Collaborative Faith - the pursuit of a distributed effort that depends on manageable contributions from the many instead of unsustainable contributions from the few.
  8. Generous Faith - a heart to share the fruits of our labour so that as many churches as possible can benefit. This includes shared expertise, shared best practices, shared code, shard bug fixes, shared support resources. There is no room for the “keep this to ourselves” practice that occurs when churches are independent silos on these matters.
  9. Efficient Faith - the recognition that projects/tasks must be strategically well defined and clear in order to be conducive to individual contribution and large scale collaboration.
  10. Gracious Faith  - Our collective acknowledgement that we are all at different levels of our expertise and Faith, so there is no room for pride or arrogance. A commitment to gracious faith has a positive impact on: receiving and giving feedback; reviewing proposals; offering suggestions; responding helpfully and in a timely manner; growing others and serving diligently.