About Us

Faith Sourced is a community of software developers using our skills for Jesus. We call it “Software as a Service” where Christ is the center of all we are and do.

Our collective faith in Christ compels both our crowd-sourced and open-sourced contributions, hence the name Faith Sourced. This is software by the church, for the church.

But this isn’t just for developers. Professionals from across the digital spectrum are part of our community driven projects, including those in strategy, project management, design, development, infrastructure, support and communications. The Faith Sourced project is a platform for coordinating this collective expertise.

Each participant in the Faith Sourced project has seen what we can do as individuals, with all its limitations. We’ve witnessed the duplication of effort at church after church, when we each try to accomplish the same goal, from our independent silos. The Faith Sourced project brings us together, with a common purpose, and a strength in numbers.

Faith Sourced is our contribution to the cause of Christ, and His church. Faith Sourced is our chance to use our uniquely technical skills for purposes that are eternal, united under one banner: the gospel of Jesus Christ. The software we build is freely available to the body of Christ, for His glory.

What is Faith Sourced?